Home, away from home

Home, Away from Home

Heaven is dead
and I am asked
(this shocks me)
Aren’t you afraid, living

where you live

Bodies that before
were people, stuffed
into a suburban
off-road vehicle

the innocents keep their heads

as foreign investors
worry the value
of their foreign investments

on the face of decency

Heaven died today
and commentators
comment ironically
on the irony

of her name

In Morelos
bodies are found
adorned with notes,
he stole from… he raped…

postcards to Peter

But bodies found in the river
have thier sins
washed away,our only consolation
all things flow


to the sea

Heaven Sutton was one of the 275 people who have died in the crossfire of gang warfare in Chicago in the year 2012. She was standing in her own front yard. She was seven years old.

For the next six weeks, vsvevg will be published from the United States of America.

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