This is my new office, an internet café about 30 minutes away. For the average person, who drives (I can but don’t) and is not a hermit (I am, though not of the clinically diagnosed variety), this distance is negligible. But for a non-driving hermit it is formidable, thus, I will be a little slow with my replies to your comments for the next month.

I’ve been disconnected before. Most tellingly in my first month of wide band service with Telcel, because no one, not even the woman who sold me the service (she thought maybe I’d get an email) could tell me when or how to pay my bill. I tried emailing them, since they sold me my service it seemed a reasonable mode of communication.


We tried calling them, they also sell us our cell phone service, but no, you cannot talk with a Telcel representative about wide band service on a cellular phone! We finally figured it out and had ok service for a year and a half. Now Telcel in their infinite insanity has decided to make it difficult for me to pay my bill, again. So I have dumped them for the time being.

Thank you for your understanding while I get things sorted out.  Wish me luck!

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