A View from the Top

Once I complained to a friend

about mountains

“They’re always in the way

Of the horizon”

“Yes, but what of the view

From the top”

She whispered

our sunrise

That friend was Cheryl Larsen , and it’s a perfect example of the kind of impact she’s made in my life. Cheryl was the first person to look at my art and say, “that’s cool” not, “what’s that?” She influenced my eye and methods by introducing me to the art of Tina Mondatti, Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman. She gave me Jon Berger’s Ways of Seeing, and Susan Sontag’s Against Interpretation, and she’s held my hand, assuaged my fears, and been my cheerleader for the last year as I learned my way around VSVEVG.  I love and thank you Cheryl.

VSVEVG was one year old on February twenty fourth, boasting eighty-eight posts, hundreds of comments, likes, shares  and follows. I must say, it really has been just wonderful.  The amount of support I have received has awed and humbled me.

I’ll be writing another year of VSVEVG with a view from the top. read the rest of my poem Cahoots here

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Paz, Abby

To commemorate this anniversary I am reposting a revised Dinner and a Swat team, an early post, I still consider one of the best and most relevant.

2 thoughts on “A View from the Top

  1. We all need a friend like yours – I love the discussion you had about the mountain; just wonderful. Congratulations on one year of writing this wonderful blog!

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