Silent Narratives

It is a strange vocation, making tiny art objects for people to wear on their bodies out of stuff I find on the ground. This is what it looks like in the beginning.

???????????Sometimes I make something that is only about beauty, or form, like Watchichilis, but generally my pieces have something to say. I consider them amulets, like this piece made of a cow’s knee bone, Another Amazon.

?????????????? I know I’m doing it right when a piece comes together like a puzzle. Look Out! snapped into place (it’s tension set with the fork prongs) without the need of adhesive or wiring. It is content and precision, as if all these little objects had just been waiting to come together to tell their story.?????????Often my work contains hidden messages that I believe will find the intended wearer. As is the case with, It Never Fails.


A selection from my spring collection Silent Narratives

king of Wands

king of Wands


music of the spheres

music of the spheres


conflict of interests

conflict of interests



My work is available at 2AU Limited in West Des Moines, Ia.

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p.s. to WordPress, I really miss the slide show option.

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