“Do all stones speak?”
“No, only the ones that breathe.”

                                      Blackfoot Physics
                                      F. David Peat


I too have gone to live
in the woods
nothing novel in that

I have sat at the feet
of a turtle with the Buddha
on its back

I have seen the filament
in water that ladders
to the sky

I have echoed a chant
till the devils in me
conceded to vibrate high

I have marveled in tears
as eagles swept away
with my charge

I have danced in the fire of devotion
then sifted the ashes
of my own heart

I have gathered together pieces
of the greatest warrior
I’ve ever known

I have stepped from the threshold
most of my days without knowing
the depth below

I have gone to the woods

and I’m not coming back

until I can speak with stones

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Chicago Il. April 5th 2013 Napowrimo day 5

© 2013 Abby Smith, Writer

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  1. You might want to put an extra blank line of two between the end of the poem and ‘If you liked…’, which you also put as ‘I you…’ instead of ‘if you…’
    Wonderful poem though. I really like all the references. 🙂

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