USA Mexico Border Fence

The boundary extends 300 feet
into the Pacific, our gaze
submerged, the pillars march
along the ocean floor
it seeks a mate
the wall of china

The distance between
the bars are penetrable
the journey across
vast as the Mariana Trench

Used to be families picnicked
there, held hands, kissed
pulled a loved one to the fence
embraced the barrier, between a son, a mother
barely in their grasp

The music free, the water free
they’d pass grandma’s tortillas through
the gap, consuming history
they ate the prints
of her palms, her fingertips

I am embarrassed to write of them
I suffer only knowledge
I bare no grand scars

I know  I reside
in the belly
of the beast, but
which belly?
which beast?
Where is my compass?


Chicago Il. April 8th 2013 Napowrimo day 8

© 2013 Abby Smith, Writer

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