Hasta Luego


I live in Mexico, and have been visiting the states for about a month. I return home tomorrow and as always I feel it is just in the nick of time. I will not have internet service when I return and so will not be able to post poems daily, though I will continue to write daily and post them here as soon as I make it back to civilization.

I am really enjoying this challenge and a part of that is due to your support through your likes and comments. For those of you who have just followed vsvevg I do my best to post once a week and I will continue with that schedule throughout the next six months. Many thanks to all for reading, paz, Abby

A poem from the archives.

The Density of Things

when there is nothing
to do is when you feel it most
when there is no prize
to drive you
then you know
life how it presses
with all it’s sound

disinterested, concerned
ongoing, fatigued
no weather can save you
since mother spit you out
and gave you the loaf

cradled in your arms
hefted over one shoulder
shifted, from one arm
to the other

Chicago Il. April 10th 2013 Napowrimo day 10

© 2013 Abby Smith, Writer

3 thoughts on “Hasta Luego

  1. As always, your writing is lovely – seductive, evocative, honest. i believe your life is as well, and live vicariously through your words and photos. You feed us big juicy bites of life that drip down our chin, run down our arms, and have us begging for more.

    I would love to hear what you find hard to leave after being in the states for a time, and what you yearn most (aside from your dear husband, of course) to return to, and what you stock up on to take home that you can’t find in Mexico.

    Safe travels, Dear Heart. Beautiful poems as always. Just beautiful.

    • Thanks Barbara, your comments are more elegant than my posts! 🙂 I only miss those I love in the states, I bring home tampons, not too romantic huh, and my only real necessity- books, my mom usually sends us tea, wine, chocolate. This homecoming was hard, because Elvis wasn’t here. There are several poems about coming home which say this more eloquently, I hope– xoxox a

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