Depth Perception


clothespin the brown-
stones under the sky
clouds on the blue
tack up the dog-
walkers and strollers
pin down the crowds

sticky tape some hedges
the stairwells and
shellac the shoes
to their wearers
thumb threw the intersections
round- a-bout the cul-de-sacs

I’m good at this, building
it’s so easy here
with only one dimension
and perception as thin as the
paper it’s printed on.

© 2013 Abby Smith, Writer


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About vsvevg

Hi, My name is Abby, my husband Felipe and I are currently living at Rancho Santana, a resort in Nicaragua, facilitating their farm to table concept. My blog VSVEVG(very simple, very easy, very good) has been about life in rural Mexico, but for the time being will be about living in Nicaragua, farm to table, and whatever sundry stories present themselves.

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