As I suspected, I can’t write a poem I am satisfied within a day, or likely even a month. Though I was able to produce a lot more material than usual, some of which I feel will result in poems I am happy with. For example: Contrary Warriors, Yellow, #7, Air, and Husband, are already under reconstruction.

Housewarming and Phaedra are the only poems from the series that will remain as they were written, they are closest to my heart, I will keep the flaws– reflections of my own imperfection.

When I started this challenge I felt disconnected, in part, because of the other writing I was doing which required a very different mindset than poetry, and I had not been writing regularly because I was in the U.S.
I gifted myself with Napo. A whole month to read and write nothing but poetry, and it was wonderful, the reading more than the writing.
I reread most of my poetry books and reveled, no– it was more like wallowed, I picture my pigs when I bathe them. I dove into the work of great poets, feasted and slathered myself with words, images, and revelations.
These are some of the poems that inspired me. Enjoy!

The Dog, Gerald Stern
Pumpernickel, Philip Shultz
These Green Going to Yellow, Marvin Bell
One Train, Kenneth Koch
The Mole, Mary Oliver
Autobiographia Literaria Frank O’Hara

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About vsvevg

Hi, My name is Abby, my husband Felipe and I are currently living at Rancho Santana, a resort in Nicaragua, facilitating their farm to table concept. My blog VSVEVG(very simple, very easy, very good) has been about life in rural Mexico, but for the time being will be about living in Nicaragua, farm to table, and whatever sundry stories present themselves.

4 thoughts on “Conclusions

  1. I really enjoyed reading your poetry drafts- thanks for letting us be a part of that creative process. And I’m not familiar with “The Dog” so will definitely read that one. Hope the writing is going well!

  2. you know what poets are never satisfied, I had a long conversation with a real poet the other day, she said that all her work is unfinished, I said my work is in kindergarten lol, but the good thing you are trying it is ok to revise, they sound great to me.

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