Philippe Halsman, Eva Marie Saint, 1954, from The Jump Book

Philippe Halsman, Eva Marie Saint, 1954, from The Jump Book

I love the expansive feeling of possibility the New Year brings, though generally I resist making resolutions because I’m very bad at keeping them. But recently I had an inspiration I couldn’t deny, and so I have yet another new project I’ll conduct on line– with no internet service.
Sadly, my little bio-hazard office was shut down. The doctor is denying the townspeople access to the signal because she’s afraid the kids are watching porn and will hack into the medical records. Somehow I don’t see the Facebook obsessed kids of La Tigra as porn addicts and hackers; maybe I’m naive.
Regardless, I’m offering a new entertainment via You Tube. This year I will memorize 52 poems, record myself reciting them and post the videos. The project is called: Where I live: a devotion to poetry. The weekly link will be available here at VSVEVG, on twitter and my Facebook art page. Why there, you may ask? Because for me, the processes of art and poetry are intertwined.
I’ll also add a monthly series, a return to the roots of vsvevg —Very Simple, Very Easy, Very Authentic, about how to make good, simple, authentic Mexican food.
Thus, this year we’ll have lots of options to engage about art, food, poetry and Mexico. Please keep in mind if it takes me a few days to get back to you it’s due to my lack of internet, not a lack of interest.
Happiest of New Years to you my Friends!
Anyone else taking on a challenge for the New Year? I’d love to hear about them and support you in your endeavors.
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9 thoughts on “VSVEVG 2014

  1. What wonderful things to look forward to here on vsvevg! Your assessment of the young boys in town made me smile. I, too, would doubt their intentions are such but I suppose one never knows.

    My New Year’s challenge is Deliberate Creating: Take a piece of paper and write at the top what you want. Beneath that write “These are the reasons that I want this”. Then write whatever comes to mind, whatever flows naturally. When nothing more comes turn the page over and write “These are the reasons that I believe that I will have this”. Again list everything that comes to mind. Now that you have focused on and activated within your vibration both sides of the equation, you are now in the state of receiving the manifestation of your desire. All that is necessary now is for you to continue to expect it until you have it – and it will be yours.

    The process is from an Abraham Hicks book. I did it and it really flowed, and in a way I didn’t expect – although I’m not at all sure what I “expected”. I guess a better way to say it is the intention was powerful and I felt jazzed doing it, and by what I spontaneously put on paper, and all it made me realize I’ve already been doing towards realizing it, which is huge actually. I will do more soon. It is fun to intentionally work with the Force. : )

    Wishing you and Felipe a healthy, prosperous, abundant New Year. Thank you for sharing all you do, it’s very much enjoyed and appreciated.

    • Love that! So good to hear from you. I wonder if you aren’t getting my emails? Cool if you are, but let me know if not, ok? I wish you a very Happy New year too Barbara, and I will try your method and let you know what unfolds. ambrazos a.

      • Hi Abby –

        No – I’ve not received an email from you. ?? I do check what gets filtered out before I delete it (as Spam) and haven’t seen you there either (or of course I’d drag in into my Inbox). Please keep trying!


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