The Tribe of Sleep


On the shore
Long Shadow
I must guide
Your way

This is everything
I am
I have
Ropes of gauze
To pack wounds
Stave blood
Bind breaks
It is everything
I have
Save you

I must write
In the sand
Before the wave
Breaks, carries us

Now is everything
I am
I have
A fountain pen
Turquoise ink
Inscribe the line
The Tribe of Sleep
It is everything
I have

Hand over hand
Stitching our pact
Turn from me
you must
I know



The Tribe of Sleep is the fifth in a series of poems based on dreams.
#4 Rector Set
#3 Ireland
#2 My Hardest Life
# 1 Babe the Blue ox

What do you do with the stories in your dreams?

© 2013 Abby Smith, Writer

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