Ode to the Midwest

Full Moon Storm

See and hear! me recite Kevin Young’s poem Ode to the Midwest right here!
I was born in Des Moines, Iowa. I’m proud of that.  Though now I live deep in the heart of Mexico, I lived the first forty years of my life in the Midwest.  When I read this poem by Kevin Young; oh, how I laughed!…and was sooo homesick. I laughed because, when I’m fortunate enough to go to the Iowa State Fair, I make a beeline for the deep fried cheese curds. I have owned, and worn, a Christmas sweater. I have had an overambitious-predawn-driveway -scrapin neighbor. I have cut my own sutures…more than once.
And, I was 22 years old before I knew a black person.
Also, wonderfully, the poem made me realize the moon looks different in different places. Here in the Sierra Huautla the moon rolls and probes like a searchlight, but over the corn stumped fields of Iowa, and in the caverns of the Chicago Loop ; I have seen it “change and shine”… just “like television”.

What does the moon look like in your neck of the woods?

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