Red Cracker!

Red Cracker

Finally, after almost eight years living at the Piedra Rahada and stalking this gorgeous creature, I have a taken a photo of my favorite butterfly: the Red Cracker.
It is in the Nymphalidae family. Crackers are named for the cracking sound the male makes while flying and the red underside of their wings. Generally they are very fluttery and camera shy, but this lovely lady(no cracking) was quite the poser. Happy Humpday 🙂

It's red underbelly. Well, I think it's sort of orange, but I didn't name it.

It’s red underbelly. Well, I think it’s sort of orange, but I didn’t name it.

8 thoughts on “Red Cracker!

    • Thanks Britt, I still have the illusive Malachite to capture(on film). I hope it doesn’t take another eight years! Thanks for stopping by.

    • It really was! I have stalked soooo many. I was very appreciative of this accommodating creature. I think she was so still because she was brand new, she was still just a little crinkled. Thank you for visiting vsvevg.

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