More Medical Mayhem!

Selfie with Nebulizer and Fake Lips

Selfie with Nebulizer and Fake Lips

The bad news: I am behind in my recitations because I’ve been missing my walks due to severe asthma and allergies. Even talking caused coughing fits, and weirdly, I can’t memorize without speaking the poem aloud.
The good news! It provides another opportunity to tell you about México Medical System .
In my usual, let’s wait until I’m almost dead before we go the doctor mode(I think I channel some stubborn old Midwestern ancestor ) Felipe and I ended up on a forty minute, midnight mad dash to emergency on Sunday. A fleeting moment of romance pierced the terror as my gallant husband carried me to the car; for I assure you it is terrifying not being able to breathe with the hospital over an hour away.
Of course, there was a huge storm threatening, relampago flashing, tronar crashing as if the devil was chasing us to drag me to hell, and of course, the bocho had a dangerously low tire and an ominous screeching emanating from the drive shaft. I was in my mismatched pajamas, unable to breathe when seated, I knelt in the bocho’s filthy floor (it had recently been full of chicken shit , don’t ask)) with my head handing out the window like a gasping golden retriever. I didn’t even know if Felipe knew where we were going. Fortunately, he did.
We went to clinic I visited when I needed treatment for fibroid tumors . It’s open for overnight emergency services, and is only forty minutes away. I was on an IV(the most painfully administered one I’ve ever received, bless her heart) in let’s say… seven minutes from curb to faint inducing needle insertion(and I am not a baby about these things folks ). Approximately twenty years ago, I visited Northwestern University Emergency room for a high fever. If memory serves, I waited two hours on the floor(again, unable to sit up) of the waiting room for a bed in the hall way.

Just for fun, let’s compare of the cost of these two visits.
México— Emergency Sunday 1am private clinic visit.
40 pesos about $3.75

U. S. A. —Entering the Northwestern University Emergency room.

México—Treatment, including multiple check-ins from a very nice female doctor, five medications and prescriptions for two medications they didn’t have on hand.
860 pesos about 90 bucks

U.S.A. —I don’t recall the exact treatment at Northwestern but there was blood work, a potassium shot, and intravenous fluids. The doctor was certain I was bulimic; I was not. He was nice about it, but its unnerving to have your doctor trying to wheedle a confession to a psychological disordered out of you when you’re delirious from fever.
The cost was around 1500 dollars; I think I was there about 5 hours. Fortunately, I had insurance. My out of pocket cost was aprox. 600 dollars.

The day after our hell-bent trip to Maternidad de Paris(tres chic), I visited La Tigra’s free clinic. They supplied me with the prescriptions I wasn’t able to get the night before and loaned me a nebulizer, all free of charge.

Felipe thinks it’s ridiculous to compare the U.S. and México s medical systems because the economies are completely different. Example: Minimum wage in Chicago 8.25 an HOUR, Minimum wage in Morelos 65 peso(about five bucks) A DAY, he argues. Not to mention the difference in services available at Midwestern and Maternidad de Paris. I argue( illogically) “Yeah, but we still pay $5.75 for a gallon of gas in México!”(I just like to throw that in when I have a chance.)
Still, I find it questionable that the charge for something as simple as entering the building should be so disparate: three dollars and seventy five cents…opposed to six hundred and fifty dollars. Really?
Am I an economics dolt, or do you agree it’s unreasonable to charge a person 650 dollars to lay in the floor for two hours?

P.S. Just so you don’t think I think everything about México Medical system is peachy, I did decide against the karate chop procedure suggested at my first visit to de Paris. Instead, I applied Edgar Cayce’s castor oil pack remedy , and the Depo-Provera(gasp!) they proscribed. I no longer suffer symptoms from the tumors.

8 thoughts on “More Medical Mayhem!

  1. You’re crazy, woman, you wait way too long to go for treatment. As someone who has witnessed many asthmatics spiral down into respiratory arrest I can promise you if you arrive at that clinic in respiratory arrest no one there will be clever enough to reverse it. Dead is dead.

    • Yeah, that convinced me, the new doctor comes to the clinic on the first and I will go for real asthma treatment,( I am still on various therapies prescribed at De Paris until then) not just a rescue inhaler and a lot of denial. Thanks for the caring kick in the butt, Marilyn 🙂

    • Yes, I subscribe to the laughter is the best medicine theory, but as of late I’m thinking of switching to “better living through chemicals”.

  2. I visited your blog to check in on my new friend, and what?! Well, again, you seem to have a good sense of humor (perspective…etc.) I also have asthma and allergies – haven’t been having any recent problems – this is why I am going to school to become an OM doctor (Oriental medicine, acupuncture…etc. really helps). I remember the nebulizer from my childhood days. Well, dear. Take care. May the recitations continue soon! (and of course, along with your speaking restoration, your full health!)

    • I wish I had more holistic choices available. I will begin a yogic breathing practice soon for a long term help. But at the moment, I think I’m gong to have to shed my Midwestern stoicism and get some real help. Thank you for the encouragement. I’m working on my next poem! and feeling much better 🙂

  3. Holy crap! What a terrifying experience. Interesting that you mention that Midwestern mentality, since my husband, a Wisconsinite through and through, is so stubborn about going to the doc. LOL!

    The medical cost comparison is really something. I won’t go into my frustrations with that subject as we all have stories to tell. I’m hope you’re doing better!

  4. Thanks Britt, I’m much better. Speaking of Medical costs,I just had an interesting hunt for epipens, not available here in Mexico, and over 3oo$ in the US plaus the cost of getting the prescription, I guess I’ll be learning to give my self a shot, Argh.
    Ummmm, Wisconsin cheddar : )

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