Perils of the Food Forest

Felipe and a constrictor living 15 meters form our house.

Felipe and a constrictor living 15 meters form our house.

Felipe decided to help me get caught up in the garden. I’ve fallen behind during my recovery. There were a few corners that I haven’t been to in quite some time apparently. This masaquata(anaconda) had taken up residence under my mulberry tree, fifteen meters from the house. Felipe disturbed its sleep and it came at him hissing. He said it scared him. I don’t need a whole hand to count the times Felipe has told me something scared him.
Perhaps you are wondering why he felt the need to kill it though.
Masaquatas are not poisonous, but they do have a nasty bite. They are constrictors and this one could definitely have made a meal of Chupa and Chico(her piglet buddy) who spend much of their afternoons napping in the garden. I also plan to house ducks in my garden one day, so, I’m sorry, but this predator so close to the house was not welcome. Had it been a bull snake, it would have been welcome to stay. We inhabit about an 1/8th of an acre of out of the Piedra Rahada’s 17, the rest is available to wildlife.
No, I did not skin it or eat it. I’ve never butchered a snake, though I’m sure I could have figured it out, snake butchering was too steep  a learning curve for the day. Rest assured there are a million other hungry organisms to make use of him.

6 thoughts on “Perils of the Food Forest

  1. I really have a totally irrational fear of all snakes, so I would be thinking of investing is a mongoose or three…..

  2. I’m scared to death of snakes! For some ungodly reason I had two boyfriends back in high school who thought they could demolish this fear with two questionable tactics. They failed.

    The first guy dragged me to go see the movie “Anaconda” in the theater. I was in the dark, I hated every minute of it.

    The second guy covered my eyes and led me outside of his house then into a small room. Silly me thought he was doing something romantic. When he uncovered my eyes, I was standing in his neighbor’s pet snake room, a tiny shed with live reptiles in glass cases from floor to ceiling. I screamed and ran out of there faster than you can imagine. : )

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