Let Us Gather

Felipe Gathers with Flourish

Felipe Gathers with Flourish

I’m very happy to be back to my walking and memorizing, oddly I was nervous after such a long postponement, and as you’ll hear my wind has not fully returned.
I’m excited to have discovered a poet I was not familiar with, Juan Felipe Herrera. I love this poem, in part because it sounds a little like the dialogue inside my head, a mishmash of English and Spanish, giving advice to the world, though mine is not so eloquent.
Even Felipe liked this poem, and poetry is not his thing. So without further ado, please join me at Ytube for the 29th poem I have memorized for my year long project, Where I live: a Devotion to Poetry. Let Us Gather in a Flourishing Way, by Juan Felipe Herrera.

4 thoughts on “Let Us Gather

    • My Pleasure. There are several of his poems in the Poetry mag app(see post My Secret Weapon). I really like them all, and was especially impressed with, War Voyeurs.

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