Happy Ideas

Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel

Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel


When I was a teenager, while reading Truman Capote’s The Grass Harp, I read a passage, that unfortunately, I no longer recall, and was overwhelmed by the belief that Truman Capote and I had shared a feeling– exactly. I was awed by the intimacy of writing, and though I had always loved to read, it was that moment that I fell in love with books… and Truman Capote, and in the years ahead any other writer who could enter my private heart in that way.
When I read Mary Szybist’s poem , Happy Ideas, I was drawn to it because of the quote by a favorite artist, Marcel Duchamp. It is more his method than his work I admire. Happy Ideas, is a perfect reflection of such methods. When I came to the reflecting glass line I could feel myself fill with that wonderful energy, when two people connect, through words and ideas and the magic of art. And I was grateful.
Hello blue soul. Hello.  (hear it here)

2 thoughts on “Happy Ideas

  1. Oh how I love this poem too. Those same lines resonated with me as well.

    It’s funny how you can’t remember the exact passage that moved you in Capote. I remember reading so much as a young adult, that moment when you really fall in love with reading, even more than as a child, because you fall in love with words, with meaning, with learning about yourself, but I can’t remember specific books that marked me.

    Another wonderful post, Abby.

    • Thank you Letizia, and thanks for the tweet. I’m very busy trying to remember my password so I can visit there. Twitter is too fast for a lass with no internet I’m afraid, looks like I may be in the states for a few months soon though, I look forward to chatting with you more 🙂 I have been chanting…hello my blue soul…hello.

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