Buying Local


Dona Celia and Don Pedro sell fresh vegetables in La Tigra on Wednesdays.

Dona Celia and Don Pedro sell fresh vegetables in La Tigra on Wednesdays.

Our greengrocer, Dona Celia  never tires of explaining to ladies shopping at her cart that I buy Méxican food when I’m in México and American food when I’m in the US. My fellow shoppers smile and give me that “Gringa Loca” nod that all of La Tigra seems to have adopted regarding my curious habits.  Occasionally they ask why, and the Dona jumps in and explains, it’s fresher, better for local economies, and requires less gasoline. That’s the reason that befuddles them…less gasoline? Again, the nod.

Though I can’t resist Dijon mustard and Kalamata olives when I visit Tepotzlan , I do make an effort not to stray from Méxican products, produced as locally as possible. I’m fortunate to have eggs, milk, meat and cheese available from La Tigra producers, and I have a few favorite Méxican packaged products, a soy sauce made in Galeana, only 30 miles away, Valle Rodondo Box wine (for just 45 pesos!), and MO olive oil.

Recently, I added this exciting product to the nacionales list, Oso Negro Gin!  Yes, Mexican Gin! We are very excited. It’s not Hendricks , but it’s tasty and more important, it’s something different. We’re short on variety in these parts. Mexican tonic is also available, and I’ve concocted a passable Rose’s lime. Gimlet anyone?





Black Bear Gimlet

I cup sugar, melted in one cup water



A pinch of salt, and splash of sparkling water.


Pour 4 ozs gin in a shaker with ice, add 2 oz simple syrup and 2-3 teaspoons lime juice, a piece of lime and a pinch of salt. Shake the bejeezus out of it and pour into a martini glass. I leave in some of the ice because it’s so hot here, then add a splash of sparkling water and stir gently.





2 thoughts on “Buying Local

  1. Your life in Mexico so reminds me of my life when living in Thailand. I would meet other ‘foreigners’ from time to time they would ask why I don’t live where the other ‘foreigners live? I always answer that I wouldn’t have bothered to come all this way if I wanted to live like that. Eating local is the only way to go. I have to admit that I couldn’t do without my Jameson Irish, but now back in the States I’ve given it up for herbal tea.

    • Giving up your whiskey for tea…hum, that would be tough. Maybe if I drank juniper tea instead of gin? Doubt it. Thanks for commenting and sharing Dannie, paz, a

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