For those of you who enjoy my foraging posts, this is a curious and interesting blog I follow. He posts lots of cool videos too.

A Tramp in the Woods

“The process by which a substance absorbs moisture from the atmosphere until it dissolves in the absorbed water and forms a solution” (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Go on then, deliquesce, you know that you want to.

Glistening Ink Cap

This is a post about the Glistening Ink Cap, Coprinellus micaceus.

I have two very interesting things to show and tell you about the Glistening Ink Cap.

It Glistens..

Glistening Ink Cap…and it is an Ink Cap.

Glistening Ink CapSo starting with the glistening. This mushroom is covered in tiny reflective beads that give it’s name.

Glistening Ink CapThey are the remnants of a veil that once covered and protected the young mushroom. As the mushroom grows the veil breaks up leaving little reflective particles..

Glistening Ink CapI have an excellent book in front of me, “Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain and Europe” by Roger Phillips and he describes this veil as white and powdery.

Wikiwotsit says it is, ” a…

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2 thoughts on “Deliquescence

  1. Loved the post … one of the many things I was totally ignorant of. New favorite word … deliquescence.

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