Far From the White Tablecloth


My blog buddy Dannie Hill recently published a touching post, Heart Words, about writing that make us feel a real connection between characters, and in turn ourselves. His post made me think about what I admire in writers and what kinds of words are difficult for me to write.

I have a high regard for authoritative writing: Gore Vidal’s unwavering confidence, Camille Pagilla’s erudite swagger, Chris Hedge’s revelatory bravery. But in my own writing I lean toward another of my favorite writers, Joan Didion’s, methods “ it seems…perhaps… I think…” Because, as she quotes Lionel Trilling, I too believe, “Some paradox of our nature leads us, when once we have made our fellow man the objects of our enlightened interest, to go on to make them the objects of our pity, then our wisdom, ultimately of our coercion.”

This week’s recitation, Rice, by Mary Oliver is an ideal example of authoritative writing. She affirms my belief that poetry is the most effective arena in which to make our demands on society, and, the best language for effecting change. Hear it here, then walk out into the fields



3 thoughts on “Far From the White Tablecloth

  1. Thank you, Abby. I am very honored to mentioned in the same post with some great authors and poets! Poets have always impressed me as ones who see the world as it truly is and as it should be.

  2. My pleasure Dannie.
    This is why I was looking for the info on tiger’s blood, I had a hard time knowing how to speak the line. I asked everyone I know who’d been where rice grows and searched the web to no avail. It seemed sad to me, so I spoke it sadly, hope I did Ms. Oliver justice 🙂

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