I’ve been in the US for five weeks now. I’m walking dogs, trying to make a little money to take home. I’ve booked a flight home in a little over two weeks and paid for it with my first official writing job(!) writing some content for a friend’s travel blog.

What usually happens when I’m here, has happened again. I have less and less to say. Not always a bad thing  🙂 Some beauty is all I have to offer this morning.

I think it’s more captivating muted.

I found this content via The Improvised Life, a wonderful source of inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Suspension

  1. I know just how you feel about having less to say. I’m forcing it out and I think it’s starting to work. Since I’ll be here for a long time it’s a do or die kind of thing. Have fun

  2. At first I watched the video with the sound, but as soon as I muted it, it became a visual poem! It must be lovely to connect with the dogs even for a brief while. I’m sure they are going to miss you when you leave though….

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