View from Calabera point, Piedra Rahada, Morelos, Mx. View from Calabera point, Piedra Rahada, Morelos, Mx.

I’ve been in the U.S. for almost two months. During that time I’ve read little and written even less, I’m also behind in my memorization project. It makes sense; I’m visiting, I’m working.

For awhile, I enjoyed searching the internet for content and publishing some posts not related to pigs, or the idiosyncrasies of living in La Tigra. But suddenly nothing interests me, and the posts I prepared for this week sound bland. I don’t have back ups as I always do when I’m at home. I’ve used my stash of poetry videos.

Why the malaise?  I wanted to blame it on laugh tracks and advertising and fake news, cynical expat that I am. Then I read Jamie Lee Wallace’s post on Live to Write, Write to Live, and it made sense. I haven’t been alone for weeks. Alone for me is more than no one else in the house, it’s more like no one within miles. With no time to talk to myself(aloud), bounce ideas off my dog and submerge myself in multiple books, well, I just don’t have much to say.

I think I’ll look at as many interesting things as I can in this last week in the U.S., laugh with my mom and fully immerse myself in foods and wine I don’t usually have access to. I’ll be back when I can manage to memorize another poem, or the mountain air clears my head. Peace to you all. Abby

10 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. I can so identify with you on this one, Abby. Solitude fuels my creativity as well. Enjoy the rest of your stay, soak it all in, and we’ll be here when your reservoir is full after a blissful moment of alone time.

    By the way, love that photo of you taking in the view.

  2. I hope you get your alone time soon, Abby. I definitely relate to solitude as a way to my personal creative spring. Though being “out in the world” can also inspire me and my creative work, I think that being inside the quiet of my own mind is where my best ideas and questions come from.

    Lovely photo on the mountain top. What an amazing view.
    Enjoy the rest of your visit!

  3. Oh, to have real solitude. I understand and enjoy this post. I also agree about soaking up the happenings and taking them with you to use when you sit on that rock. There’s a place near my little farm in Thailand that your photo made me think of. Bear, massive rocks over looking a valley of green. In Thai it’s named Pa Dieo Di, which translates to ‘the lonely place’. For me it’s not lonely but filled with thoughts.

    • I love this place because you have to crawl out onto a huge overhanging rock to get that view. We have never seen anyone else there in eight years. Well worth the risk πŸ™‚ thanks for the share Dannie, “talk” to you soon, paz, Abby

  4. Thanks, I was pretty happy with too, tried to make it my header, but it didn’t work. The chill and regroup didn’t work out quite as I had hoped either, such is life sometimes. But I’m writing again, walking, memorizing, drinking a glass of wine with the hubby, things are settling down. Hope all is well in your realm Britt.

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