Create Desire


Felipe's DawnI’m feeling a bit like Eve these days— cast out of the garden. Chronic pulmonary distress  has forced me to leave my home, the Piedra Rahada…until…

I’m staying with my exceptionally kind and generous friend Larry, at his lovely home and spa in Tepoztlan.  It’s a comfortable, beautiful and secure place to recover. Still, I miss caring for my dirty little concrete block house and my animal companions… following my paths…

The core of my wistfulness: I miss Felipe. We’ve spent too much time apart this year.

Beautiful Exile

It is this circumstance of gratitude and exile, meditation and longing, that make, Create Desire, by Karen Volkman, the song of my heart at present. Hear it here.


16 thoughts on “Create Desire

  1. Sorry to hear about Cpd had not seen that other post, oh my god hope things are much better, it must be hard to be away from your husband but your health is more important. I am glad you are with your friend. My father had this he use a tank for 3 years. I know what you are going through. If you need anything please ask, will keep you in my prayers.

    • I mis-wrote, my distress is asthma, allergy driven, scorpion sting exacerbated, thus the condensed explanation. I am very thankful it is not Cpd, I know it is a terrible thing to deal with, I hope your father has stabilized. I am on my way to recovery, and will get to go home for a couple of days this week. I really appreciate your concern and your offer for assistance. I helps more than you know that people of thinking of me Doris. Gracias

      • Oh ok, no my father pass away seven years ago, but he did not die of cpd he had cancer. Long story.

        I am glad you do not have this, what a relief, glad your are going back home. Smiles


      • No don’t worry it has been a long time, it took me some time to heal but it is something I had to go through, it is just life. Happy that your are doing good. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time Abby. Hope things get better for you real soon. You have a very good friend there. Blessings.

  3. Being apart is always (if I can attempt to put a positive spin on your situation) a chance to remind yourself of how great it is to be together, not that you forget of course but a reminder is always good. I do hope you get better soon and that you can get back home where you are happiest.

    • Oh, absolutely, I’m just a little whiney because I was just in the U.S. for two months, and looking forward to six months of solitude and hanging with my man. But, I really can’t complain, it’s comfortable(hot water!),beautiful and my friends are caring and companionable. Also, I am feeling much better—AND I have all my kind blog buddies sending well wishes. Lucky, Lucky me 🙂

  4. I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering again, but glad to know you’re in a lovely home with a friend (and lovely cat – love that the cat is looking at you in the photo). I hope you get well soon and that you’ll be reunited with Felipe soon.

    Another great poem choice too.

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