Can’t Plant Me in Your Penthouse

going back to my plough…

On my way home today. Corn and sorgum is harvested and ground, as you can see from the new header, the flowers and crops are gone. This is my favorite time of year.

I will miss you Larry.

5 thoughts on “Can’t Plant Me in Your Penthouse

  1. I bet that is so awesome to actually have something that you have cultivated, it beats the jobs that us town and city folk have. I am quite jealous.

    • Yes, it is great. Its also the hardest thing I’ve ever done(living with no hot water, electricity, getting stung by scorpions, watching my dogs die by poison). Its the age old, comfort or substance dilemma. A hot shower ain’t nothing to shake a stick at Ste J. Peace blog brother 🙂

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