“What Makes You Enthusiastic About Life?”

Bucketing: not my favorite task.

Bucketing: not my favorite task.

My blog buddy, Britt Skrabanek asked me to write a guest post for her Life Enthusiast series. It was my first guest post and I really enjoyed the process. It’s an interesting question to ask yourself, “What makes you enthusiastic about life?” I was quite surprised by my response.  Thank you Britt for including me in your excellent project and for making me think.

Britt’s blog is one of the few I enjoy enough to have delivered directly to my email box. I smile to see it there even before I open it. She spreads joy. What more can we ask for, really?

This is the link to my post at A Physical Perspective, if you’d like to know how I answered her insightful question. While you’re there: This is a one of Britt’s recent posts I really enjoyed.

I also highly recommend her latest book, Nola Fran Evie. It has strong, well developed female characters, it’s a little racy, and you’ll  learn about the All American Girl’s Professional baseball league! It would be a superb beach read if you’re taking a vacation to get out of the cold. But it’s an excellent book for any season.

Write on Britt!



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