Seemingly Made of Light

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This week’s been spent remembering what it means to have a job: live by a schedule, learn MANY names, new systems and most challenging for me—being social.

I prepared this video before I left home, though I knew I’d be in Nicaragua soon, it didn’t occur to me I would actually be standing on the beach, watching it behave abdominally when I posted it.

I continue to memorize poems, and will post them on my Ytube channel, which I now refer to as my “random recitations” project.

This is my latest video, Undertow, by Dean Young.

If I were somewhere I could go to a bookstore and buy one his books, I would.  Immediately.

9 thoughts on “Seemingly Made of Light

    • So glad you enjoyed it Dannie. My ability has definitely improved with practice I think, my enjoyment certainly has. Peace my friend and thanks for the tweet.

  1. Random recitations, good name for the continuation of the series!

    I’m thinking of you as you continue to adjust to your new schedule. It’s tough to remember a lot of new names, I agree! At the start of each new semester I get the list of all my new students and think, “I will never remember all these names!!” and somehow, after a few difficult weeks, I do. Although there always seems to be that one student whose name always slightly escapes me each time….. ugh.

    • Oh! that would be so much harder! Because they’re kids, and they’re sensitive. The staff here is so lovely, patient and supportive. They really are the best part of the job so far, better than the awesome walks, the ocean(which behaves abominably 🙂 and the hot showers. It is nice to hear I am in your thoughts 🙂

  2. Love the way you recite that Abby, making it totally your own, as any poet would wish the reader to do of course. Yes I guess being social takes practice if your instincts are otherwise, but I think simple eye contact and a smile is often sufficient. You don’t need to be Shakespeare as well 🙂

  3. Random Recitations, I love that title!

    Being social is a challenge for me as well, at least in the blog I am somewhat hidden but when i have to do face to face with people, I suddenly decide I don’t get paid enough lol.

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