The Piedra Rahada

Distant Horizions

Distant Horizions


I’ve written many difficult posts for vsvevg: posts about loss, illness, failure, disillusionment, weakness, and our struggles to live up to our principles; but this is one of the most difficult I have had to write.

Felipe and I are leaving the Piedra Rahada.

King was killed one month after he came to us, and we finally decided that though we learned not to judge(mostly), though we had accepted that our ideals were the antitheses of La Tigra’s, we were exhausted by the sorrow and hardship the beliefs and actions of our community have caused us.

I have been grieving for five years over Elvis, Jake, Jackie, then Lilly and now King.  It is not only these acts of cruelty, but a pervasive negativity that promotes fraud, deception and the belief that to take advantage of one’s neighbor is a good thing.  It sometimes felt like we were living with the IK.

I don’t blame the community, we’re different, they have their own path, but we can no longer be consumed by our inability to conform to norms we can never accept.

We stayed much longer than was good for us in many ways—because we love our family and the Piedra Rahada, but as we buried King, we looked into each other’s eyes and without words— we knew we were done. We decided we would let the Piedra Rahada go if that was what it required, though it caused us as much sorrow as all the other losses.

Then my friend called…

Felipe is now with me at Rancho Santana. We will work here contributing to the farm to table concept, utilizing the skills and ideals we worked so hard to manifest at the PDR. The revenue from this challenging, interesting work will provide the capital to build in Tepotzlan, a community more in tune with our mindset. We will not need to sell the Piedra Rahada. We are working to save it.

I doubt we will ever live full time near La Tigra again, but we will have the Piedra Rahada to nurture and visit as we choose. Though sadly, without a dog.

I considered shutting vsvevg down, but then remembered it’s really about Felipe and my journey with our land and our commitment to it. Our time in Nicaragua will be a part of that process.  It’s the perfect situation for us and I’m much more excited about it than this writing implies. Certainly I’m was excited about Felipe’s arrival. We drank a glass of bubbly and toasted the Piedra Rahada, our friend who gave us this redemptive opportunity, and our wonderful new adventure.


 Moecha, my sole survivor, La Tigra’s oldest dog(they had no idea a dog could live so long—she’s ten) is currently residing with our ever generous friend Larry. We will bring her to Nicaragua when we figure out how to get her here, until then she is safe and happy eating chicken and hanging with Larry and his entourage of rescued dogs and cats.



23 thoughts on “The Piedra Rahada

  1. It’s always with a heavy heart that we close a chapter of our lives, but it sounds like you and Felipe (and soon Moecha) are starting a wonderful new chapter. I’m so happy to hear that you are continuing with your blog, you can carry its essence and purpose wherever you end up or travel to. Love and peace my friend, Letizia

  2. You know, change is almost always for the better, but they are still hard on the heart. Best of luck in your next adventure. I too have my farm in Thailand, but there the neighbors are always asking when I will return.

    • It must be a comfort to you to know it is still there for you and it sounds like good neighbors to greet you when you visit 🙂 I agree change is mostly for the better, and so for so good on this one!

  3. A chapter may close but we can take away what we have learnt and look forward to the next one. I am glad that we readers can still share in your journey and see the world through your eyes.

  4. Abby, I was devastated to read this post, but I am also so encouraged that you and Felipe have decided to take the fork in the river that will bring you to calmer waters. We will be so happy to share more of life with the two of you when you settle in Tepoztlán. All the best to both of you always!

  5. Abby, I was stunned when I read this. You know how much of an animal lover I am, so I can feel your hurt through your words.

    I strongly believe that it is time for this change. I know how change can be tough itself, but it has a time and a place. This is the right time for this move, and we look forward to sharing it with you on your beautiful blog. Wishing you lots of light and love.

    • Thank you Britt, it was such a terrible loss, I appreciate your sympathy. And I agree it was the right time for a change, but it helps to hear such confident approval from a friend as well. Thank you for your light and love to you too!

    • Thank you Jill, it was really the decision that was so hard, we are really enjoying a little civilization: hot water, back up generators, dining out 🙂

  6. Oh my god Abby. What an enormous transition. I’m so glad you are going to stay in Mexico! Thank God for friends like Larry. Nicaragua sounds good. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. What an enormous time in your life it has been to live at the PR. I’m glad i got to be there at least once. You got an awesome book out of it! Sending a very big hug for both you and Felipe. I cant wait to read more. 🙂

    • I’m glad you go to be there too Kate 🙂 And thanks for the reminder…I did get a great story out of it, now to get it published! xoxoxo

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