Where in the World…

have I been? Street Art ChicagoPerhaps those of you who have been reading vsvevg for awhile are wondering if I truly mean to continue with this blog.

I do.

But recently I’ve been traveling.

And my long suffering Laptop died.

My desk, and internet stick in the cow pasture office.

My desk, and internet stick in the cow pasture office.

I have returned to Nicaragua with a new laptop(which apparently has a very delicate publish button, I accidently published this post before it was finished!?)I’ll be back with as soon as I learn how to use it πŸ™‚ Saludos, Abby

12 thoughts on “Where in the World…

  1. hello my dear!
    thinking of you always…yes touch screens….another of those incredible modern conveniences that are SO inconvenient until you become of the touch screen mind set or generation. iain has one, too…..lola loves it as she has the power, but it truly is a pain in the ass! trust me, your blog was not the 1st mis-published work in cyberia!

  2. I’m glad you aren’t leaving us as a late comer to your blog and life, I hope to see (and hear) a lot more of you and your thought provoking posts.

    • Thanks Ste J, I’m finding it more difficult to be thought provoking now, with a job and hot water and significantly less mayhem in my life. I have yet to decide it that’s a good thing. But I am certainly enjoying it.

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