A Night to Remember

IMG_3216Here is The Mexican, as he is known in Nicaragua, eating tacos al pastor made by Jorge Joy Tostada.

Outstanding was,…OUTSTANDING! We had a really lovely time, and honestly, we we’re in the looking forward to it, and looking forward to having it over mode. OITF,  Jorge and our own La Finca y El Mar team provided a truly exceptional experience.

It was a little stressful. The winds were very intense and there were last minute choices about where to have it that had Felipe preparing one garden, then last minute having to prepare another. Also, he had to speak…he had never spoken publically, and he was nervous. I could tell because he talked about it…3 times, which is alot for Felipe. Of course, he was his usual awesome self, and after that he loosened up and we relaxed into the moment. IMG_3225

Also due to  high winds, the main part of the meal was held in Rancho Santana’s fabulous new chapel. More on this in a future post. IMG_3218

You can check out more of our preperations here:  sharpbladesharpmind

We are so greatful to Rancho Santana. Without thier support, and I don’t think there’s anyone who understands this better that we do, we would not be able to create what we have here.

We are also grateful to our friend and boss Brian Block,  who advocates for us and cheers us on.

And of course, our deepest appreciation to the Outstanding in the Field team, it was a validation of 13 years of really hard work. If you are wondering what I mean, since we have only been at the rancho 5 years, check out a few years of my posts from Mexico.


ps, there were many behind the scenes not cited here, marketing, events, all of Rancho’s Food and Beverage program, xoxoxox, mil gracias, A

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Hi, My name is Abby, my husband Felipe and I are currently living at Rancho Santana, a resort in Nicaragua, facilitating their farm to table concept. My blog VSVEVG(very simple, very easy, very good) has been about life in rural Mexico, but for the time being will be about living in Nicaragua, farm to table, and whatever sundry stories present themselves. https://vsvevg.wordpress.com

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