Hello, my friends. I have set myself a little challenge, to post every day in February!

First, a recap. I recently completed a project, creating a meat and cheese program in a high-end resort in Nicaragua. Have a peek.

It was super fun! I learned a ton and worked the most kick-ass team a butcher, cheesemaker could dream of. We were provided the highest quality product by the world’s best,(seriously, I don’t think anybody does this better than Felipe) farmer. My friend, Brian Block, was there with solid support as department head and fellow visionary. It was a gift. Thank you Universe, thank you, Rancho Santana.

What’s next?

Now I am a freelance food writer! I´m so excited to be returning to my first love: writing. I want to thank all of you who have been willing to press the follow button throughout the years. Having an audience in my corner helped me have the confidence to make this move. My sincerest thanks.

In the next month I will give you a tour of my life in Nicaragua. Probably shares some recipes, and chat about all things food, books, maybe some poetry…vamos a ver.

Have any of my blogging friends taken an extended leave of absence from your blogs?

Do I have any freelance writer friends out there? Or maybe your new here, welcome- , old friends please say hi! I really love hearing from ya’ll.

Hasta Mañana!

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