Las Lajas, Nicaragua

Day 2, of my post every day in February challenge!

There is so much to tell you! I hardly know where to begin, so I’ll start with where we live.

Las Lajas is a town of about 800 people. It’s a couple of hundred homes and a few businesses along a dirt road to the beach. The majority of the population is Nicaraguan. Perhaps ten percent are ex-pats and depending on the time of year and the swell there are a goodly amount of tourists, both foreigners, and city-dwelling Nicaraguans.

One of the reasons I love being here is that the Nicaraguan rural culture is still intact.

Teams of buey pull loads of sand and wood from the beach and forest to fuel the brick maker’s trade.

Fishermen mend their nets.

Yes, there’s killer surf, 4-star spas, and everything in between. But, this is what my daily life looks playa jiciliste

I took these photos on the fifteen-minute walk to the beach from my house. Though I know most consider paved road progress, I hope Las Lajas stays true to its namesake, a path of stone, forever.





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