New Methods

How to memorize a poem

I was discouraged from writing on myself as a child, and of course, it’s unprofessional to keep notes on ourselves. But, since I now work from home I have used palm-written notes effectively for two purposes:

Memorizing poetry, and quashing obsessive thoughts.

A palmful of poetry is easily memorized in a day and conveniently wears off, it’s rather magical, almost as if as I absorb it mentally it disappears.

With thoughts I can’t let go of, I rewrite the story on my body. When the thought arises, I read the desired thought from my palm or forearm, aloud when I won’t look too crazy. It works, try it.

Poems I’ve memorized, the old method

Next week you will be hearing:
Variations on a Theme, by W.S. Merwin
Memorized handful, by handful.


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