A Very Special Christmas Gift

Making cheese with my apprentice Marlon, at VeraEco Resort

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen me making cheese again. Recently, I started consulting to help businesses get their farm-to-table programs off the ground, and over the last couple of weeks, I had the honor of creating a cheese program at the Vera-Eco resort in the Matalgalpa district of Nicaragua.

For the moment, I’m not going to say much about what I did there because I want to tell you about Vera-Eco Resort. This resort exists to support an extraordinary boarding school, Escuela Vera Angelita, where Nicaraguan girls aged 8-12 from impoverished communities are offered every resource needed to obtain a good education, the opportunity to expand their horizons, and create change in their communities. The girls also receive a healthy diet and clothing, they are housed, and in addition to the regular curriculum, they enjoy various extracurricular activities. They learn English, computer technology, leadership skills, and so much more. 

To keep homesickness at bay, they and their parents are gifted with phones to remain in contact with their families daily. Though, in some instances, the girls are at risk at home, Vera not only offers a stellar education but a haven. 

For only 5000$, you can change a child’s life for the better. If that is not enough, you also get a fabulous vacation in the Nicaraguan cloud forest. 

Vera Angelita opened in 2022 and currently has about 60 students. But they could have more. There are ten little girls in need of sponsorship. Click here to meet them! 

Below are some of the benefits you receive with your sponsorship

• Join us in Nicaragua for an annual visit to the school and sprawling 437-acre campus nestled in the cloud forest of Matagalpa. 

Four annual trip date options will be made available each year. Your benefits include accommodation for up to 2 persons in our onsite guest villas for a 4-night/5-day stay, farm-to-table meals, 24-hour security, airport transfer both to & from the airport, access to our onsite city shuttle service, and all onsite guest activities we have to offer.

 • Have a monthly ‘virtual visit’ with your sponsored student • Exchange letters • Receive a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution (*minus the cost of any goods & services received).

Please visit Vera Angelita’s site, and spread the word by sharing this post. What better way to share the spirit of Christmas than helping a little girl live her dream?

Please consider sponsoring a student; there is no greater gift these girls could receive than knowing she is going to Vera Angelita in 2023. 

Paz, and Happy Thanksgiving,


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Hello, I'm Abby Smith. I started this blog in 2010 to write about the pursuit of a self-sustainable life in rural Mexico. In 2015, my then-husband and I moved to Nicaragua, where we created a successful farm-to-table and in-house charcuterie program for a high-end beach resort. In 2022, with mad butchery and cheese-making skills under my belt, I started a sustainable food systems consulting business. Happily, I also have more time for my first love-- writing about food and the complexities of the simple life.

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