We left Chicago, USA with four suitcases, 50,000 dollars and the dream of a self-sustainable life. We bought 7 hectares of this gorgeous earth, built a one room house, went flat broke, and reaped more failure than success. Still, it was a good life.

Very Simple Very Easy Very Good, (VSVEVG) was started to write about the shared life of artist and writer, Abby Smith, camposino and mezcalero, Felipe Pita Cruz, and the mishaps and milagros of life in rural Mexico.

And then…we moved to Nicaragua. Felipe now runs a farm and organic garden for a farm to table resort, where I was the butcher and cheese maker.

Now that my time as a butcher and cheese maker has ended, I have returned to my first love: writing.

None of which we could have done had it not been for our time at the Pierdra Rahada, which we still love and sometimes miss.


ps. All writings on this blog are mine and protected unless stated otherwise. paz, Abby