Let’s Take a Walk

I am blessed with a trail on the land next to my house. The man we bought our home from still owns the property next to us, and he allowed me to create a path around it. It takes about 10 minutes to walk, but it’s easy to wander out well after that.

-Tigger, Pirate and Chica’s morning walk

Walk. This word is for me a spell, the action a rite.

I am a Walker, not for exercise: for thought, connection, and growth.

When I suffer, I walk as if I am kissing the earth with my steps, as we were taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. My bare feet touching the ground heal me. When I cannot feel joy, I can find it through the soles of my feet, from the earth, the sky, the wind, all of life around me. When I feel lost, when my loved ones are not enough to hold my heart, I have my feet and the earth. They are always enough.

Grounding, is part of the process, but the forward movement is essential as well. And the sunlight, the wind. Dr. Andrew Huberman agrees with me. It isn’t just abbyscience. He prescribes a walk or jog, outside in sunlight upon rising for the best brain function.

I thought when I moved close to the ocean I would want to walk on the beach every day, but I still prefer the woods, I like shade and birdsong. I like to see animals going about their business. There are of course birds and animals on the beach, but it feels different to me, I guess it’s the Midwesterner in me that still prefers green to blue.


-harvesting congo chilies on my walk this morning

I logged hundreds of hours on Chicago streets, finding treasure in garbage, my creative flow stemmed directly from my feet on the pavement.

I memorized 52 poems in 2016 while walking the Cero Frio in Mexico. I mourned my father walking that mountain, and I lost my beloved Bear there. But, I had hundreds of deep work walks there with her too. Walking is not a cure for hardship, it’s a balm, and can be therapy when applied regularly.

I wrote three books while walking, putting them to paper was the outcome of the actual work that occurred while walking. I have received real magic from the earth as I place my feet, one in front of the other upon her.

-my spirit animal, red dragonfly, resting in my hand

I know the earth is alive and sentient. I have felt it, heard it, talked to it, received care, support, and inspiration from it.  If you haven’t visited her lately, she misses you.

Are you a walker, a surfer, a gardener? How do you touch the earth? I’d love to hear your stories of earth magic.

Come on a my house!

We bought a house 4 years ago. It was built 17 years ago by an ex-pat artist. He had an art school for local kids, they learned to paint and got a free, decent lunch, thus the gigantic front patio. I hope to have a dance school here one day.

The entrance to our house.

On the side, you see my food cart.

our front patio

Let’s go upstairs! If my guard beagle, Chica will let us pass.

view from the upstairs terrance


the back terraces from below

I think this video on the downstairs, back terrace, expresses the feel of the place.

I miss the Piedra Rahada sometimes, our tiny house in rural Mexico was the first either of us had ever owned. But, I prefer our new home and Nicaragua. Though I do miss Mexico’s food.

Hasta Mañana

Have a listen: I’m gonna give you candy.


Las Lajas, Nicaragua

Day 2, of my post every day in February challenge!

There is so much to tell you! I hardly know where to begin, so I’ll start with where we live.

Las Lajas is a town of about 800 people. It’s a couple of hundred homes and a few businesses along a dirt road to the beach. The majority of the population is Nicaraguan. Perhaps ten percent are ex-pats and depending on the time of year and the swell there are a goodly amount of tourists, both foreigners, and city-dwelling Nicaraguans.

One of the reasons I love being here is that the Nicaraguan rural culture is still intact.

Teams of buey pull loads of sand and wood from the beach and forest to fuel the brick maker’s trade.

Fishermen mend their nets.

Yes, there’s killer surf, 4-star spas, and everything in between. But, this is what my daily life looks like.boats playa jiciliste

I took these photos on the fifteen-minute walk to the beach from my house. Though I know most consider paved road progress, I hope Las Lajas stays true to its namesake, a path of stone, forever.