Checking In

Me, Beach, Nicaragua

Hello, my friends. I have been busy learning to do my new job. But, I think I’m nearing the top of the learning curve, and I want to let you know my plans for VSVEVG in the next few months.

I will edit my blog and repost some of my favorite posts with all my new skills. I’ll write new posts too, and I’ll be posting on Instagram as well. I’m going to get some chickens soon! So we have that to look forward to.

Here’s what I’ve been up to on Tasting Table. Scroll to the bottom to read my articles.

I’ll be back soon! I hope everyone has a Very Simple, Very Easy, Very Good week!

I Got It!

I got the job!!!

I am officially a pro–food writer! Check out my first article.

I get to write with an editor, which is super fun! My friend Cheryl Raisch was my first editor here at VSVEVG. She held my hand while I got my bearings during those first posts. I’m delighted to have an opportunity to work with a partner again. A fresh perspective is invaluable.Abby Smith Cheesemaker


I’ve learned so much during my job hunt, and I know this work will take my writing to the next level. I couldn’t be more excited or grateful.

Thank you all for sending love and support. It helped. I was calm as I waited about 48 hours after my test shift for confirmation. I’m convinced it was your collective energy of belief that held me in a peaceful state of allowing.

xoxoxo, Paz,


Feel With Me

Taking a Deep Breathe at Surf Sanctuary

I just completed a three-hour long test shift for the job of food writer.

It was hard. I cried when it was over, just to release the stress. My wonderful friend Aurelia was right behind me with a big hug. She allowed me to come to the Surf Sanctuary for the test so I wouldn’t have to worry about sketchy electricity/internet.

I’ll have to figure out how to use my phone and data for backup if I get the job, But first things first. Job–how to get the job done. Fire, Aim, Ready.

Kitty at the Magnificent Rock

My friend Cat called me to see how it went. She asked if it was hard, and I told her it was. She said she was proud of me, which I needed to hear. As happens with old friends, while talking with her,  I was reminded of a story.

My first job interview was for a position as a singing waiter. I had never waited tables, I had never sung in public, though I fancied myself a singer(I’d sung in a recording studio with my Dad), and how hard can waiting tables be?

I sang When I’m Sixty-Four (it was a jazz bar) in the middle of a restaurant, Accapella. It was terrifying.

They sent me home with an Ella Fitzgerald record of How High the Moon. I came back the following week and sang How High the Moon Acapella in the middle of a busy restaurant, that went silent. Scarier still, now that I was emulating Ella Fitzgerald. 

Amazingly, I got the job. Waiting at tables is not so easy, by the way.

Girl looking moon Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

 In terms of conquering fear. I set the bar high when I was just 18.

To all those I called in yesterday to help me feel my way into this job, thank you. I made it through the test. I accomplished the task. I won’t know the outcome for a few days. Keep seeing the text I’ll send. I GOT IT!!!!!!

Now Dear Readers,  I ask a favor of you.  Please imagine me, receiving a message that I have a new job as a food writer. See me jump up and down (I will, for sure) I’m so excited to get the news! Feel how happy I am to be paid to do something I love, that I’ve dedicated myself to learning.  Hear the sighs, and feel the relief of all my loved ones, that I am employed.

Thank you, I know your, love, support, and feeling with me will help.



Circles and Vessels

Full moon morning. 6am, Las Lajas NIcaragua

Sometimes things show up the opposite of where we think they should.

Wind Writing

And we have to look closely to understand how they got there. 

Mushroom Bowls

There is tenderness everywhere. How gently the fungus cradle the leaves.

Burrowing spiders make fences of flowers.

I am observing circles and the stories they tell.

Banana Bowl

Banana Bowl

How the elements hold each other.

Random guy with sunset

Both random and profound.


This month I have been writing a book. And my internet provider awaits new equipment lulling in customs, so my internet is glitchy. The above is a picture story of my days as I prepare to publish a book for the first time!

It will be available here soon 😉