Sunsets in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is known for its sunsets, for good reason. This was taken last night from my terrace.

I am very grateful to have such a supportive readership, your being here, reading commenting and liking has been an immeasurable help to me on this journey of starting anew.  I will continue to post on VSVEVG, about life in Nicaragua, book reviews, more personal topics, and I will be putting a blog on my website that will focus on food, sustainability, and gardening. I’ll let you know when that’s up if you enjoy my food-related content.

Hasta Pronto! Thank you for being here, abrazos,



Hubspot Academy Grad!

Hubspot SEO Certificaton for Abby Smith

I passed

The good news is, now I know enough about SEO to realize what a mess my website is! Better news, I also know how to fix it, or start fixing it at least.

I’m a little burnt out from studying and taking this exam, so I’m not going to write much.

If you want to learn about SEO and many other marketing subjects. Hubspot Academy is a free, very generous resource. No affiliate links, just genuine praise.

Hasta mañana.

New Methods

How to memorize a poem

I was discouraged from writing on myself as a child, and of course, it’s unprofessional to keep notes on ourselves. But, since I now work from home I have used palm-written notes effectively for two purposes:

Memorizing poetry, and quashing obsessive thoughts.

A palmful of poetry is easily memorized in a day and conveniently wears off, it’s rather magical, almost as if as I absorb it mentally it disappears.

With thoughts I can’t let go of, I rewrite the story on my body. When the thought arises, I read the desired thought from my palm or forearm, aloud when I won’t look too crazy. It works, try it.

Poems I’ve memorized, the old method

Next week you will be hearing:
Variations on a Theme, by W.S. Merwin
Memorized handful, by handful.