Babe the Blue Ox


For those of you who joined me during Napowrimo and may be wondering what my muse has been up to.

The myth is the public dream, the dream the private myth.
Joseph Campbell

Paul Bunyan seduced me
rode his blue ox right up
brought his idiot twin
(we all have one)
he brought me deep
fried turkey and sent his
brother away(banishing his id-
iocy)to gain access to me
The animal was malformed,
slathered lurid yellow
mustard– I ate some
dangerous peace offering

He convinced me to take
a bath with him, his body
was beautiful, mine was
not. But it was late and for
once in my life I thought
of someone else first.
I sighed,
“He is coming, and even if
this were what I wanted
I would never want this
as the provision of
our last supper”