Present Pictures

I struggle with images. I see things I want to keep and share, but I feel when I capture a moment, or I’m thinking about taking photos I’m no longer as present as I want to be.

Moss Brick

Moss Brick, I love moss, this feels like the kind of present I want to be.

Today I walked to the store. I didn’t take my phone, no soundtrack, no texts, just me walking, being in town. I saw so many amazing things!

Bueys on playa Popoyo Nicargaua

Different Bueys, Another day.

I was bummed I didn’t have my camera.

This is what I saw:

five young boys on a buey cart bickering over who got to drive, a red aproned woman sweeping her dirt stoop of bright yellow flowers that fell in the night, men selling flower plants, carrying them in big sombreros on their heads. Imagine this full of flowers 🙂 Vintage Authentic Mexican Sombrero Bread Basket | Basket, Bread basket, Wicker laundry basket

Roses bought from a street vendor.

I bought these lovely roses from them. They actually smell like roses!

It was so beautiful!  I’m sorry I can’t show you.  The flower guys would definitely have been up for a photoshoot.

Some of the magic was the ambiance.  We had a slow, lush rain last night.  It was early, people were just starting to stir.

It’s the first week of rain, right before we go full-blown tropical. It was still, and fecund, like a secret on the cusp of revelation.

From my balcony after the rain.

Here are a few more moments I saved this week.

A portrait of Nicaragua’s national bird. The Guardavaranca.

Mot Mot

There are many guardas on the path! I see at least 2  every time I walk.

I also see monkeys on my daily walk! This is a howler, they’re aptly named.

Howler Monkey, NIcargua

Mono in the morning.

I try to get to the beach once a week, it’s a 15-minute walk. I lived here for 3 years and hardly ever went to the beach. There was always something that needed to be done, or I was lazy. A couple of months ago I realized living near the ocean without making it a regular part of your routine argues a life not well-lived.

Sunset with my friend

Me and my friend Isabel at the beach for sunset this friday, our weekly ritual.

There was a huge swell!  No surfers, which is unusual. Isabel had to reassure me we would not be swept out to sea. As cancer, you’d think I’d be more ocean-friendly.

boats sunset Nicaragau

Sunsets in Nicaragua deliver. Playa Jiquiliste, Nicaragua

Coming soon, garden updates!



What’s your take on taking pictures? I’d love to know how you manage your media and stay in the moment.