Come on a my house!

We bought a house 4 years ago. It was built 17 years ago by an ex-pat artist. He had an art school for local kids, they learned to paint and got a free, decent lunch, thus the gigantic front patio. I hope to have a dance school here one day.

The entrance to our house.

On the side, you see my food cart.

our front patio

Let’s go upstairs! If my guard beagle, Chica will let us pass.

view from the upstairs terrance


the back terraces from below

I think this video on the downstairs, back terrace, expresses the feel of the place.

I miss the Piedra Rahada sometimes, our tiny house in rural Mexico was the first either of us had ever owned. But, I prefer our new home and Nicaragua. Though I do miss Mexico’s food.

Hasta MaƱana

Have a listen: I’m gonna give you candy.