Very Simple?

A chicapicapalo Felipe waited for, stock still, for 20 minutes.

A chicapicapalo Felipe waited for, stock still, for 20 minutes.

You may have noticed the tagline on my header– Very Simple, Very Easy, Very Good. Amazingly, this blog commenced with this as its philosophy, though when I look back through the first year and a half, 150+ posts, there is little to suggest it. There isn’t much on the surface of our lives that is simple or easy. Good, yes, but even that requires conviction. Still, at heart of it, this is our vision of life.

I will be taking a hiatus from VSVEVG for the month of November to participate in National Novel Writing Month. Yep, I’m gonna write a novel in a month.

I’ve chosen a Young Adult story about the global water commons that I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s my first attempt at fiction.
I love YA fiction, when I worked at Prairie lights Books it was my specialty. I developed an admiration because a writer can’t use filler(sex, violence). It’s all storytelling. Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, for example, is simply outstanding storytelling and writing. They’re a must read; a go to when the world overwhelms, like Wuthering Heights or Interview with the Vampire.

Unlike my Napowrimo project I won’t subject you to a daily dose of unedited fiction. But I will be participating online on my twitter account, @lee_abby .  Yep, I have a twitter account, though I have yet to comprehend hashtags, and don’t have internet or a phone, but I plan to post my weekly word counts there if you interested in my progress.

VSVEVG will return December 1st likely with wacky stories of my return to Mexico and the inevitable mayhem that issued while I was away . Until then, may you have a Very Simple, Very Easy, Very Good November.
Paz, Abby