Great Finds

Great Graffiti Mexico City

Great Graffiti Mexico City

In addition to my Esty store I also have new face book page. It’s a forum to discuss found object art and repurposed design. My hope is to build a community of artist’s, designers and enthusiasts. I want to talk about great finds and what we did with them, highlight creative ideas and celebrate re-envisioning refuse .
Since I now live on a mountain instead of a huge city finding good garbage has become more difficult. My friends help by collecting for me and I usually receive a cache of junk when I return to the US. My mother claimed the premier find this time; this wonderful crimson glass bead lampshade found in an alley in Chicago, underpinned many of Beyond the Pale’s (my holiday collection’s)pieces.

Mom's great find.

Mom’s great find.

Have you ever found something cool, that you picked up not knowing exactly why ? Did you keep it? Make something out of it? Do you collect anything that is not a purchased item, pennies, matchbooks… Why?
If such things interest you please join me on Face Book at  Eloquent Remains .

A necklace “Yen” I made with the lampshade beads.

Some cool articles about found objects.

Ephemeral Objects

With Ephemeral Objects, I honor the structures of the natural world, form at its root. By presenting these natural objects out of context it is my intent to bring attention to the creations of these “lowly” architects and admiration for their unique construction and beauty.

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I call butterflies
to me to die.
The tattered ones
come day in day
out, tired and frayed.
I respect the remains of
beauty. I will hold you dear
while your last flutter
breaks the afternoon calm.
I cherish your dust
of hue and petal,
embossed memory
made of flight.

Have you ever made something from a natural object you found? Do you have any natural ‘sculptures’ displayed in your home? I would enjoy hearing about your experiences with found objects.