Song in My Heart

Philippe Halsman, Eva Marie Saint, 1954, from The Jump Book

Philippe Halsman, Eva Marie Saint, 1954, from The Jump Book

My poetry project, Where I live: a Devotion to Poetry, wherein I memorize, recite and post 52 poems in 2014 is coming to an end…ahhh…I know I’m sad too. I chose the poems I did for lots of reasons: to make statementsconfound, entertain, to reveal a bit of myself, but always with the presentation in mind, not too long, too difficult, something that reads well out loud.

These last few  poems will be simply for me. Just poems I like. I hope you’ll like them too. Hear this week’s poem, Song in my Heart,, by Diane Suess.

My Hardest Life

for Kitty

The guru singled me out
right away. She said–Here
take these streamers
these fans to venerate me.

I experimented whipping fans
looping streamers through
the air with feigned expert-
ise– graceless gymnast. You
may stay home when we go
to worship, but what have you
come for? I came
to learn to pray.

As if it were nothing she said
Oh, Bob can teach you that!
I examined an ornate door
in need of repair I thought
I can fix this, as Bob burst in.
Oh, it’s you.
(Bob died recently, I was
surprised to see him)
Give me your hand,
I want to read your palm

he snatched at it greedily.
This is your hardest life
he claimed. I thought, Oh good!
then thought again, knowing
there was more to come, —But
don’t worry,
he soothed, You
have the full attention of God.

Dream series # 2 the muse cat naps


© 2013 Abby Smith, Writer

Middle America


76,ooo letters. His name and number
sprung from the page an Iowan
no less. Bedford. One of those towns
with a main street that supports just
one bar, one diner not open past seven,
and an antiques shop by appointment
only. The Wal-Mart draws attention
from what used to be a town
with heart. Robert Ripley has never
been proven wrong and that ain’t right
thought Mr. Bedford with hands full
of time, retired from the postal service.
Signed, sealed, surrendered, through inclement
weather, tedious traffic and personal
tragedy, everyday but the lord’s, and the
day we honor the dead or risen by
giving one to the living.

Dear Mr. Ripley, I would like more information
regarding the claim you have found the anchor
of Noah’ ark. Please Mr. Ripley can you prove
the existence of God?

Chicago Il. April 2nd 2013 Day 2 Napowrimo

© 2013 Abby Smith, Writer