What I Did This Weekend


Nicaragua’s National Bird: The Fabulous Guardabarrano

I have been trying to get a good image of a Guardabarranco for the last several weeks. I see them frequently when I walk my dogs. This is not what I had in mind.

This gorgeous being crashed into one of my windows. I spent 24 hours waiting for him to jump up and fly away.  But, he didn’t. I dripped water in his beak. I tried to interest him in some papaya. I tried to catch a moth for him, Mot-Mots catch their food mid-air. I played binaural beats for healing feathered friends, my mom gave him reiki. Still, over 12 hours later, he couldn’t stand on his own.

I cried and prepared my heart to put him down. How fragile we become in the face of beauty and helplessness. I decided to wait overnight.

But Sunday morning he was too alive, kind of feisty really, to make that final choice. It’s all-consuming to care for a broken animal and I knew I couldn’t do it, all my focus is on starting my new business.

I called my lovely neighbor who is now housemates with a baby squirrel she rehabilitated. I sent a photo and received a very affirmative yes.

A friend had just said to her, Now all you need is a bird, you should get a parrot. She replied no, but I would love to have a Guardabarraca. That’s not possible though. Less than 24 hours later, I put my charge in her hands.

It’s a difficult task, he may die, she may have to choose his death for him as mercy. I believe if he can be saved she will do it. Thank you Vecina, for always being there for me, it’s a priceless gift to have a good neighbor.

My Nieghbor and her Squirrel

My Neighbor and her squirrel 🐿️

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Have you ever tried to save a wild creature in need? Is it a fond memory? I would love to hear your story.