Trestle Bridge Nicollet Island, Minneapolis
The Mississippi, from the stone arch bridge Minneapolis

  Suggestion, view of the Mississippi, Minneapolis

Cornerstone, Minneapolis

Patina, Minneapolis

Sidewalk, Chicago

Popsicle, Chicago

Red Car and Facemask, Chicago

Chains, The Chicago River

Chicago Ave.

Chicago Ave.

Hasta Luego Ustados Unidos

in my own image

I collect religious objects. I hunt
thrift shops, scout curbs, scavenge back
At this common alter I offer pencil shavings
in an urn half full of unknown
Lead and fingernails track
the prayer rug, constitute my
A few of the trinkets are precious, a couple
rare, but all are
My traveling communion kit’s blood bottle is
There is a natty stain on the felt from the
The missing pieces render my collection

Still, these imperfections summon in my sleep
and from their absent places
their message creaks beneath
the footsteps of my

Chicago Il. April 9th 2013 Napowrimo day 9

© 2013 Abby Smith, Writer


A favorite graffiti, Thomas and Western, Chicago, Il.

A place I felt (sadly) at home. Thomas and Rockwell, Chicago, Il.

Chicagoans overcome that pesky drinking and driving law. Yes, that is a keg on the front. I have to admit this pleases me to an almost ridiculous extent.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny photo journal of my trip to the US.

I will be taking a brief hiatus, to clean my house, ride my pony, and rejuvenate my creative flow. VSVEVG will return in early October.

Paz, Abby