Living in rural areas in developing nations makes one resourceful. My mother and I are fond of olives, but they’re expensive, you have to drive an hour to buy them, and I don’t need any more glass jars in my pantry.

So, I’m salt curing jocote tierno. Hopefully, I will end up with something like a salt cure olive.

Jocotes that will hopefully be salt-cured olives one day

In Mexico, this fruit is called a cirella.

This variety is much like an olive, with dense slightly astringent, quite acid flesh, and a large pit. It makes great if somewhat labor-intensive salsa. I decided against the presoaking process olives undergo because I don’t think jocotes contain oleuropein. Dry-curing rather than brining I chose out of laziness and my love of salt-cured olives.

Fingers crossed!


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