Roadside Mary

Roadside Mary Tepotzlan One of the things I enjoy about living in Mexico is the plethora of Shrines. I am not a religious person, but I am a lover of myth, symbols, and ritual. Altars and shrines seduce me, like shoe stores enthrall others, (ok, I am very fond of shoe stores too).  I also appreciate Mexicans devotion to their personal female deity La virgin De Guadalupe. I know Catholics would dispute that they worship Mary as deity but I think it is impossible not to see Catholicism as more than just a little bit pagan and pantheistic.

I like to call the altars to Mary– Roadside Marys and as a holiday season celebration I will share some of my favorite Marys with you over the next few weeks.

The relationship of opposites is a theme in my search for meaning.  I explore these ponderings frequently in my art work. One of my favored motifs in this vein is the marriage of sacred and profane.

This Mary beautifully represents that idea; she graces our new gas station at the entrance of Tilzapotla. I admire her placement, hovering of the sump pump and mop bucket, and her utilitarian Styrofoam vases. Virgin at the Pemex

May we maintain our personal Sacred in the dust of our daily lives.

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Readers, I am thankful for your time.