NaNoWriMo Conclusions

thank-you[1]NaNoWriMo Conclusions
I finished the first draft of my YA novel, Goliath Water, with 51,843 words on the 27th at 9:00am. I really enjoyed the experience, felt it was a fun way to jump into fiction, and that it was a great success, in part(and not a small one) because of Kristen Lamb. I’ve been reading her blog for over a year, collecting articles about structure, scene and sequel, the big boss troublemaker…and how to make sure I didn’t end up with a hot mess at the end of the month. I definitely would have without Ms. Lamb’s assistance. I just wanted to say thanks.
If you write or have an artist’s social media platform I highly recommend Kristen’s blog. She is knowledgeable, funny and generous. I couldn’t have done WriMo without her.
Thank you to those of you who followed me on twitter and were patient and encouraging during my hiatus. It’s great to be back!
Paz, Abby
Who are your online mentors? I’d love to check them out.

© 2013 Abby Smith, Writer

NaNoWriMo, Piglets, and Found Objects

Cupid's Bow butterfly poses in my zinnias.

Cupid’s Bow butterfly poses in my zinnias.

Just a quick check in to let you know we’re still here. As promised there is mayhem to report: Felipe lost his job, we were both stung by scorpions again(!) and my rooster is in love with my broom, I’ve resorted to keeping it in the house in protective custody. Nevertheless, we’ve had a very productive month so far.

Felipe receiving anti-venom at La Tigra's free clinic.

Felipe receiving anti-venom at La Tigra’s free clinic.

My NaNoWriMo word count is 34,001, and I completed my Christmas collection entitled “Beyond the Pale.” It speeds thought the postal service as we speak, and if all goes well this collection will be available for online purchase, so save room in your stockings.

A sneak peak: Key to the Kingdom

A sneak peak: Key to the Kingdom

On the Felipe front: Mancha the sow had 10 piglets! And thus far Felipe has been finding day work to keep us all fed.
I miss VSVEVG. I look forward to returning to my post on December first when I will unveil my new project: Re_Deemed- found object art and fashion. And then back to our regular programming of milagros and mishaps in Mexico.
Until then Happy Thanksgiving, paz, Abby

Very Simple?

A chicapicapalo Felipe waited for, stock still, for 20 minutes.

A chicapicapalo Felipe waited for, stock still, for 20 minutes.

You may have noticed the tagline on my header– Very Simple, Very Easy, Very Good. Amazingly, this blog commenced with this as its philosophy, though when I look back through the first year and a half, 150+ posts, there is little to suggest it. There isn’t much on the surface of our lives that is simple or easy. Good, yes, but even that requires conviction. Still, at heart of it, this is our vision of life.

I will be taking a hiatus from VSVEVG for the month of November to participate in National Novel Writing Month. Yep, I’m gonna write a novel in a month.

I’ve chosen a Young Adult story about the global water commons that I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s my first attempt at fiction.
I love YA fiction, when I worked at Prairie lights Books it was my specialty. I developed an admiration because a writer can’t use filler(sex, violence). It’s all storytelling. Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, for example, is simply outstanding storytelling and writing. They’re a must read; a go to when the world overwhelms, like Wuthering Heights or Interview with the Vampire.

Unlike my Napowrimo project I won’t subject you to a daily dose of unedited fiction. But I will be participating online on my twitter account, @lee_abby .  Yep, I have a twitter account, though I have yet to comprehend hashtags, and don’t have internet or a phone, but I plan to post my weekly word counts there if you interested in my progress.

VSVEVG will return December 1st likely with wacky stories of my return to Mexico and the inevitable mayhem that issued while I was away . Until then, may you have a Very Simple, Very Easy, Very Good November.
Paz, Abby