Oustanding in the Field


Hola! mucho tiempo sin verti!

Something exciting is happening I want to share with you.

Felipe and I are still in Nicaragua(yep, still married) at Rancho Santana. In the time we have been here Felipe and his team have grown our organic gardens, orchards and animal husbandry program into such a dynamic part of the food and beverage department that Oustanding in the Field is coming!

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The international  pop-up will set up camp at Rancho on January 18th 2020.

I am so proud of Felipe and his accomplishments, as I have always been. If you have spent much time reading this blog you are aware of what an amazingly diligent and creative person he is. I’m elated to see him recogonized in this way.

I have, for the past two years, had the honor of running Rancho’s butchery and milk program We make all kinds of yummy meats and cheeses from Felipe’s animals and  his Reyna Criollo cattle’s milk, a breed unique to Nicaragua. You can have a look at what we do on my instagram page sharpbladesharpmind.

If you would like to join us for the Outstanding in the Field event, tickets are available here.

This post is dedicated to my friend Larry Prater who died near this time last year. We met here on vsvevg. He loved Felipe and would be very proud of him. He was the best of men and friends. I miss him alot. 




Walk this Way

Daily walks are essential to me, so today I set out to chart and time my route to work and find a good daily stroll.

What my  walk to work looks like.

What my walk to work looks like.

About twenty minutes later…

I arrive at the club house.

I arrive at the club house.

Twenty minutes is perfect to clear my head before work, but for health and sanity at least an hour is required.

After an hour on the trails...

After an hour on the trails…

Playa Escondido

Playa Escondido

Kind of like home, but with a beach!

Kind of like home, but with a beach!

The end of the trail.

The end of the trail.

After a couple of hours on Rancho Santana’s clean but thankfully not overly groomed hiking trails, I will rest well and be ready for my first day at El Finca y El Mar.

What do you do the day before you start a new job?

Good Morning Nicaragua

Good Morning Nicaragua

Good Morning Nicaragua

I haven’t thought much at all about how I’m going to blog about my three month stay in Nicaragua, thus, for this first post I will write it as personal travel diary.

Entering Nicaragua was simple, it lacked the tension of Mexico’s immigration “will they or will they not give me the length of visa I desire”. It did however require ten U.S. dollars, which of course I did not have. Fortunately, there’s a currency exchange in immigration. The cashier seemed baffled that I would have only Mexican pesos, but was helpful and friendly .

My friend picked me up and I felt at home immediately though I had not seen him in 15 years. His car was covered in dust, just like the bocho, and we caught up on each other’s history on two and a half hour drive to Rancho Santana.

I was relieved when we stopped at a couple of artisans shops, where he’s having some things made for the restaurant, that I understood everything that was said.

We had another encounter with the dollar at a local grocery. The register rings up both in Cordova’s and U.S. dollars, but your change comes in Cordovas regardless of how you pay.

This morning is very blustery. Rancho Santana’s location, on the isthmus of Nicaragua, ensures ample breezes. Thus far it feels a lot like home, except that I listened to the ocean as I fell asleep rather than the waves of air pouring down the Cerro Frio.