Seemingly Made of Light

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This week’s been spent remembering what it means to have a job: live by a schedule, learn MANY names, new systems and most challenging for me—being social.

I prepared this video before I left home, though I knew I’d be in Nicaragua soon, it didn’t occur to me I would actually be standing on the beach, watching it behave abdominally when I posted it.

I continue to memorize poems, and will post them on my Ytube channel, which I now refer to as my “random recitations” project.

This is my latest video, Undertow, by Dean Young.

If I were somewhere I could go to a bookstore and buy one his books, I would.  Immediately.


Poetry is many things: the meaning within the words, the meaning below, or above. A poem is an object, a form, with negative space and silence as important as the black marks and the telepathy that occurs when we interpret them.

Poetry is breath, the only thing we cannot survive more than a few minutes without. And sound: one of life’s grand gifts.

Something I have come to love during this project is the way a poem feels in my mouth, the way it tastes. That is why, in part, today’s poem is important to me.

If You’re Crowish, by Jane Videlock. Enjoy: )


Create Desire


Felipe's DawnI’m feeling a bit like Eve these days— cast out of the garden. Chronic pulmonary distress  has forced me to leave my home, the Piedra Rahada…until…

I’m staying with my exceptionally kind and generous friend Larry, at his lovely home and spa in Tepoztlan.  It’s a comfortable, beautiful and secure place to recover. Still, I miss caring for my dirty little concrete block house and my animal companions… following my paths…

The core of my wistfulness: I miss Felipe. We’ve spent too much time apart this year.

Beautiful Exile

It is this circumstance of gratitude and exile, meditation and longing, that make, Create Desire, by Karen Volkman, the song of my heart at present. Hear it here.


The Voyage of the Other


Brother's Voyage via Beth Punches, Flicker

Brother’s Voyage via Beth Punches, Flicker

Life at present, and perhaps always…is about voyages. But my attachment to place, my love, and companions always leaves me a little lost.

To speak

of the sea

without speech

of the shore



I recite Furthermore by Christina Davis.